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KokOasis Madness Challenge . . . Feb, 2016

IbannerMadness_01t’s time to get registered to participate in the 2016 edition of the KokOasis Madness Basketball Challenge!    One lucky “Early Bird” Registrant will receive a “Scholarship” (free play) if they submit their Registration Fee by the “Early Bird” Registration Deadline.  Determination of the scholarship winner is based on the most accurate prediction of the SEC Tournament Championship game.

REGISTRATION DEADLINES . . . The deadline to qualify for the “Early Bird” Scholarship is Tuesday, March 1, 2016.   The Absolute Registration Deadline is Friday, March 11, 2016.  Be sure to encourage Family & Friends to participate!

HIGHLIGHTS . . . As usual, our Basketball Challenge will feature round-by-round picks (8 pick sheets total) with SIX (6) Opportunities to WIN.  Refer to our Basketball Challenge Rules Link for the full set of official rules.  Prizes are described below:

  1. “Early Bird” Scholarship Winner (free play)
  2. Madness Champion  (50% collected fees)
  3. Madness Runner Up  (20% collected fees)
  4. 3rd Place Finisher  (15% collected fees)
  5. 4th Place Finisher  (10% collected fees)
  6. Wild Card Winner  (5% collected fees)

BANNERS . . . Super Challengers will be recognized at the end of each of the eight days leading up to the determination of the “Final Four”.  Each of he 8 Super Challengers will have their name raised on one of the eight banners that will hang from the “Rafters at KokOasis”.