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Football Challenge . . . Dec, 2017

CongraUTlations to Ci-Chel and SmokeyAndTheBandit for being our Regular Season Champion and Runner Up.   Top Tenn Finishers among our 57 Regular Season Challengers included:  Ci-Chel (1675), SmokeyAndTheBandit (1641), SanTos (1632), STL Golfer (1631), boilerVOL (1622), Flybridge (1600), SeminoleLynn (1597), mTN Girl (1591), Kamp David (1588), and Cassie (1583).

After a dramatic Alabama comeback win in overtime, TellyBaby became our undispUTed Bowl Season Champion (211 points).  Kudos to Guest Picker Curry Dawg (214 points),  the only Guest Picker we have ever had that actually earned a greater number of points than our Bowl Season Campion.