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Eating Habits . . . Jul, 2015

PyramidChanges in our eating habits have had dramatic results. We are toning up, losing excess weight and feeling more energetic. We are not on a “diet” per se. We are just making better choices. we are eating out less and avoiding processed foods that are high in carbohydrates.  We now enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and regular snacks.  We are not buying “diet” foods, counting calories, or anything like that but we have learned how to read the labels on the processed foods we do purchase.  Now, we regularly eat things like eggs & cheese, bacon, chicken, steak, seafood, fats, non-starchy vegetables, seeds, nuts, fibrous fruits and even whipped cream. We avoid pasta, potatoes, biscuits, sweets,  carbonated beverages and processed foods that are high in Net Carbohydrates. We also drink much more water (64 oz/day) and visit the gym more often.  Click the image to look at our food pyramid.  It is unlike the one you are used to seeing.