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KokOasis Madness Challenge . . . Mar, 2018

The Villanova Wildcats are the 2018 NCAA Basketball Champions and our KokOasis Madness Challenge has finally come to an end!

CongraUTlations to the following Cash Prize Winners:

  1. STLGolfer – Madness Champion – 368 pts
  2. coach – Madness Runner Up – 348 pts
  3. STLPainter – Third Place Finisher – 344 pts
  4. BARNEStorm – Fourth Place Finisher – 335 pts
  5. NiTTany – Wild Card Winner
  6. HUGE Basket – Early Bird Scholarship Winner

CongraUTlations to these ten Challengers who earned the distinction of being recognized as “Super Challengers” during the tournament. Their names have been added to the 2018 Madness Championship Banner that hangs from the rafters at the KokOasis.

  • ViTeoMan
  • STL Golfer (Champion)
  • coach
  • BARNEStorm
  • Sweating to the Coldies
  • STLPainter
  • Smokeys Trainer
  • Kamp David
  • Willie WIN
  • tRICKshot

Thanks to all of our Challengers for participating this year!

asnyder333, BARNEStorm, Big Byrd 59, Cassie, Chefs Knife, coach, Dream Sea Kerr, Durb, FlyEaglesFly, H3Mi-man, HUGE Basket, JeTske, Laner, Lotta Faith, MadGhost, MoCats, Mohawk, Mtn Girl, Newfie Man, Nittany, OrangeCrush23, Patricia, PowerT, PrinTs Andrew, Queen Priscilla, RHYNO, Saganaki, SeminoleLynn, Shane No Pain, Smokeys Trainer, STLGolfer, STLPainter, sTump, Sweating To The Coldies, sweeTmama, T-WITTer, tennisgal, TommyTheSwami, tRICKshot, ViTeoman, Watch This, West TN VFL, and Willie WIN.