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Madness Results . . . Mar, 2016

b_Villanova-WildcatsAfter an exciting National Championship Game brimming with  excitement and entertaining twists right up until the last 6-tenths of a second, our Challenge concluded with the same level of madness. Cassie pulled from 10 points behind to tie Rhyno for the lead (373 points).

Applying the tiebreaker rule, Cassie was declared the Madness Champion and Rhyno became the Madness Runner Up.  Our Third Place Finisher was SeminoleLynn (353 points) and our Fourth Place Finisher was Queen Priscilla (350 points).  Lucky Linda came closest to predicting the actual score of the game, so she was declared our Wild Card Winner!  Click this link to look at the  Final Madness Standings.

CongraUTlations to all of these Challengers and to YOU for participating in the 2016 KokOasis Madness Challenge.  I have had baskets of fun and I hope you did too!  We’ll hook up again when it’s football time!

2016 Madness Participants

AJeske (Glen Mills, PA) | ALLVOLJAM (Knoxville, TN) | Barnestorm (Knoxville, TN) | Basket Case (Knoxville, TN) | Cassie (Festus, MO) | Chatt-T-VFL (Chattanooga, TN) | Chefs Knife (Strawberry Plains, TN) | Coach (Festus, MO) | El Maestro (St Petersburg, FL) | H3m1-man (Cross Plains, TN) | JeTske (Knoxville, TN) | Jim N Tonic (Knoxville, TN) | Kamp David (Knoxville, TN) | Laner (Collinsville, IL) | LuckyLinda (Urbana, OH) | mTN Girl (Knoxville, TN) | NakedLady (Knoxville, TN) | Newfie Man (White Pine, TN) | nittany (Cross Plains, TN) | nuTTree (Urbana, OH) | PaTricia (Festus, MO) | PrinTs Andrew (Knoxville, TN) | Queen Priscilla (Knoxville, TN) | Rhyno (O’Fallon, IL) | SeminoleLynn (Springfield, TN) | SmokeyAndTheBandit (Maryville, TN) | Smokeys Trainer (Hermitage, TN) | soccerplayer3 (White Pine, TN) | Spike (Knoxville, TN) | STLPainter (Festus, MO) | sTump (Knoxville, TN) | SweeTmama (Knoxville, TN) | T-Rick Shot (Knoxville, TN) | TommyTheSwami (Knoxville, TN) | VelvetMadonna (Knoxville, TN) | WOZANAKI (Ellisville, MO)