Football Challenge Demographics . . . Aug, 2014


Thanks again to everyone who successfully registered to participate in the 2014 edition of the KokOasis College Football Challenge!  This years group of 57 Challengers consists of 46 Males and 11 Females with a wide range of experience, including 51 seasoned Veterans and 6 aspiring Rookies. Our Challengers hail from Tennessee (44), Missouri (7), Ohio (2), Illinois (1), North Carolina (1),
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Breaking, errr “FIXING” News . . . Aug, 2014

Great News for everyone who is a part of the VOL Navy!  After 3 long years of waiting, the Queen Priscilla just discovered that the VOL Navy Docks have finally been restored to their original configuration.  The City of Knoxville and SoUThern Shores deserve a big THANK YOU for getting the job done in time for the 2014 UT Football
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From Down Under . . . Aug, 2014

The Queen Priscilla recently hosted a delightful contingent of Aussies in the energy business who were visiting our fine city. The refreshing sunshine and cool breeze on the water combined with the beautiful sights and ice cold beverages proved to be exactly what they needed to provide the relaxation they were seeking.

Big Orange Sky . . . Jul, 2014

UT Assistant Coach Adam Howard (Men’s Basketball) and some of his close friends joined us for a cruise recently. A native of Ashland, Kentucky, Coach Howard works closely with Tennessee’s perimeter players. On this particular cruise, just one day after a big rain storm, Coach Howard was particularly helpful in keeping a close eye on the perimeter of the river
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Dark Shadow . . . Jul, 2014

As you may know, the Queen Priscilla is named after our adorable black Pomeranian. Just recently, she was graced by the presence of another black canine friend named “Shadow”.   Shadow is a very intelligent and loyal service dog that belongs to one of our recent passengers. Throughout the cruise, Shadow enjoyed his cruise seated at the very front on the
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Barefoot Ski . . . Jul, 2014

Andrew and I recently welcomed JK & Angie (see how “Happy” they are to be here, click here) along with Jon & Grace and Lance & Kim for an anchored event aboard the KokOasis near Sea Ray Island. Soon afterward, a sailing vessel with 3 pirates approached us in a stealth-like manner.   After we determined they posed no threat, we
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HELI-va Sight . . . Jul, 2014

Andrew and I have become accustomed to seeing many wonderful things during our cruises on the Tennessee River, including boats of all kinds, planes, trains, wildlife and all kinds of people enjoying a “wild” life. Every now and then, we see something completely different – like the helicopter we recently saw parked at the edge of the water behind a
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A jUsTin to Knoxville . . . Jul, 2014

UT Coaches jUsTin Phelps (Director of Basketball Operations) and J.T. Burton (Director of Player Development) recently joined us for a cruise aboard the Queen Priscilla along with some members of Coach Phelps’ family. At the time, we had no idea that the “surprise” cruise was part of a recruiting trip – for Coach Phelps’ mother-in-law! Just as jUsTin & Lisa
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Deer Crossing . . . Jul, 2014

The other day we were cruising aboard the Queen Priscilla on the Tennessee River when we saw a rather LARGE waterfowl (or so we thought) cross right in front of us.  Upon closer inspection, the paddling beast turned out to be a deer crossing from Looney Island to the shore (see attached video).  Apparently, deer crossings are more common than
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Pirate Cruise with Captain Greybeard . . . Jun, 2014

A 90-minute “Public Pirate Cruise” will take place on Saturday June 28th departing from 300 Neyland Drive at 10 am, returning at 11:30.  Captain Greybeard and Quartermaster/Surgeon Anne Bonney are currently looking for crew to “go on account” with  them.  A prize will be offered for the best dressed pirate, but costumes are not required. The cost of this entertaining
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Kokopelli Heads to California . . . Jun, 2014

Today, Kokopelli (our beloved 14′ FeatherCraft runabout) was lifted out of the water by a shipper who is transporting her to sunny California. Constructed of aircraft aluminum in 1956, the old gal was among the first ski boats ever made. She has really had a wonderful spirit and has thoroughly enjoyed her years of service with us on the Tennessee
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Knot Your Ordinary Cat . . . Jun, 2014

Tom is a sailboat owner who has always had a fascination for cats – knot ordinary cats . . . catamarans. Recently, he was accompanied by Steve (his best friend) and Nicole (Steve’s fiancee) for a combination sunset cruise, pizza birthday party and anchored “time-out” aboard the Queen Priscilla. All three were very impressed with the stability of the ride
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Good Times at the Sand Bar . . . Jun, 2014

Imagine a relaxing destination accessible only by watercraft, where once reached boat operators drop their anchors and everyone jumps out and walks around in the water. To be more accurate, they walk, run, jump, and play around in the waist-high water of the sand bar located across from Duncan’s Boat dock – just 12 miles downriver from Volunteer Landing Marina.
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Man Overboard? . . . Jun, 2014

It started out as another wonderful sunset cruise aboard the Queen Priscilla for a family of six – 2 children, 2 parents and 2 grandparents.  As usual, the relaxing pace, gentle breeze, flapping fish and singing birds created a wonderful ambiance for this family outing.  As Capt Kevin navigated the waters about halfway through the cruise, he suddenly became alarmed
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Docking & Dining on the River . . . Jun, 2014

It is always fun to drop anchor and enjoy a brisk swim or float around in the Tennessee River on a hot summer day.  Whether we are aboard the KokOasis or the Queen Priscilla, our favorite spot is directly across from Calhoun’s On the River where we can relax and admire our beautiful cityscape. After a full day of relaxation
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Knoxville Powerboat Classic . . . Jun, 2014

The Queen Priscilla provided front row seating for Nancy and her guests last weekend during the championship powerboat series competition sponsored by Powerboat SuperLeague Racing. In addition to the powerful, sleek and colorful boats speeding along at 125 miles per hour, this free, fast-paced two-day event at Volunteer Landing also featured powerboat displays, demos and food vendors.