KokOasis Madness Challenge . . . Feb, 2016


It’s time to get registered to participate in the 2016 edition of the KokOasis Madness Basketball Challenge!    One lucky “Early Bird” Registrant will receive a “Scholarship” (free play) if they submit their Registration Fee by the “Early Bird” Registration Deadline.  Determination of the scholarship winner is based on the most accurate prediction of the SEC Tournament Championship game. REGISTRATION DEADLINES
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Happy VOLidays . . . Jan, 2016


The Bowl Season is always the “most wonderful time of the year” because our Challengers are presented one last opportunity to win a BIG prize!  This year, 42 bowl games were played on 13 different days.  Accordingly, 13 different Challengers earned the distinction of having their names inscribed on our “Happy VOLidays” Greeting Card.  Throughout the VOLiday Season, names were
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Football Challenge . . . Dec, 2015


Sixteen (16) Winners have had their names inscribed on our 2015 KokOasis Football Challenge Trophy.   The names of our Weekly Winners were added every week during the 14-week regular season.  Today, the names of our Regular Season Winner (PrinTs Andrew) and Regular Season Runner-up (Wozanaki) were added. One final name will be added at the conclusion of the bowl season. 
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Boat & Breakfast . . . Nov, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.13.05 AM

Andrew and I are excited about keeping our houseboat and offering “boat & breakfast” accommodations through AirBnB.  If you have family or friends visiting Knoxville at any time of the year, please consider referring them to our listing at KokOasis.com.  There, they will find a bunch of pictures and all the information they need to know.  You can be assured
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Tennessee River Cruises . . . Oct, 2015


We’ve been having a blast operating the Queen Priscilla on the Tennessee River this year, especially during football season.  It has been so much fun cruising with enthusiastic fans who support all the different teams that have tangled with the VOLS this year.  This little venture helps us share so many things we love . . . Knoxville, Boating, The
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aboUT our Challengers . . . Sep, 2015


Sixty-seven Challengers are participating in the 2015 KokOasis College Football Challenge, including 12 “freshmen” – AceandhiTch, Dino, Doc Jeff, Georgia VOL, Godfather, JeanUTe, keaTon, kUrTco37, PowerT, Taxman, Terri D, and VelvetMadonna.   Our Challengers hail from 9 different states, including Florida (1), Georgia (1), Kansas (1), Kentucky (1), North Carolina (1), South Carolina (1), Ohio (2), Missouri (7),  and TENNESSEE (52).  This year’s roster is
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Football Challenge . . . Aug, 2015


Don’t forget, Wednesday, August 26th is the DEADLINE to register to participate in my annual KokOasis College Football Challenge. If you have participated before, you already know how much MORE fun the college football becomes with so many opportunities to win! If you have never participated, here’s a run down on how it works: Every week, Challengers predict the outcomes
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Eating Habits . . . Jul, 2015


Changes in our eating habits have had dramatic results. We are toning up, losing excess weight and feeling more energetic. We are not on a “diet” per se. We are just making better choices. we are eating out less and avoiding processed foods that are high in carbohydrates.  We now enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and regular snacks.  We are not
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World Travel . . . Jun, 2015


Andrew had a wonderful time in Holland with our good friends Tom, Nick & Sara this month. Nick was born there. He and Sara now live there 6 months out of the year. Besides the natural beauty of this very friendly country, Andrew was very pleased with the temperate climate. While he was there, the temperature warmed up to the
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CONCERTed Efforts . . . May, 2015


Andrew and I enjoyed the Fleetwood Mac concert featuring Stevie Nicks at Thompson-Boling Arena in March. This month, we had fun at the Jefferson Starship concert in the Civic Coliseum. We never attended concerts when we were kids, probably because our parents thought they were a waste of money. I remember the first concert I ever attended was with my
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“KokOasis at CityView” . . . Apr, 2015


It’s official!  Andrew, Prissy and I have returned to the land.  After 10 blissful years of living on the water, we now reside in our newly purchased condo directly across the river from Neyland Stadium.  Our new home shall be known as “KokOasis at CityView” since it is located in CityView at Riverwalk.     The Queen Priscilla (catamaran) will also
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Madness Challenge . . . Mar, 2015


Thanks to the 40 Challengers who participated in the 2015 KokOasis Madness Challenge.   An exciting finish between the Duke Blue Devils and the Wisconsin Badgers in the National Championship game created an exciting finish in our own contest. The Duke Blue Devils were the eventual winner in the National Championship Game. The five winners in the KokOasis Madness Challenge are
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KokOasis Houseboat for Sale . . . Feb, 2015


After nearly 7 years of living aboard our beautiful 75′ x 16′ Sharpe Houseboat, we have decided to purchase a CityView condo with an excellent view of Neyland Stadium and offer her for sale.  Custom-built to our specifications in 2008, the KokOasis was designed to satisfy all the comfort needs of living aboard.  Indeed, she has proven to be everything we had
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The 14 Days of Bowling . . . Jan, 2015


Everyone likes to decorate and “juice” things up a bit during the VOLidays. So do we. During this year’s bowl season, we decorated our VOLiday Wreath. Every day that at least one bowl game was played, an ornament bearing the name of the highest ranked Challenger not already represented on our wreath was added. Hence, every Challenger had 14 chances
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Championship Slices . . . Dec, 2014


The regular college football season is over.  It has been FUN, whether we actually attended the games, watched them on TV, or heard about them, but especially if we participated in the annual KokOasis College Football Challenge. For many of us, this season was especially interesting because new rules caused us to pull for certain teams we would never otherwise
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35 Years – A Tennessee VOL . . . Nov, 2014

Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 12.41.24 PM

35 years ago, JeTske was only beginning to discover how great it is to be a Tennessee VOL, thanks to Smokeys Trainer.  JeTske had just arrived at Rocky Top when he made one of the most unlikely and life-changing decisions he would ever make.  He joined the Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR) fraternity.  Despite mixed reactions from his parents, JeTske joined
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