CONCERTed Efforts . . . May, 2015


Andrew and I enjoyed the Fleetwood Mac concert featuring Stevie Nicks at Thompson-Boling Arena in March. This month, we had fun at the Jefferson Starship concert in the Civic Coliseum. We never attended concerts when we were kids, probably because our parents thought they were a waste of money. I remember the first concert I ever attended was with my
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“KokOasis at CityView” . . . Apr, 2015


It’s official!  Andrew, Prissy and I have returned to the land.  After 10 blissful years of living on the water, we now reside in our newly purchased condo directly across the river from Neyland Stadium.  Our new home shall be known as “KokOasis at CityView” since it is located in CityView at Riverwalk.     The Queen Priscilla (catamaran) will also
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Madness Challenge . . . Mar, 2015


Thanks to the 40 Challengers who participated in the 2015 KokOasis Madness Challenge.   An exciting finish between the Duke Blue Devils and the Wisconsin Badgers in the National Championship game created an exciting finish in our own contest. The Duke Blue Devils were the eventual winner in the National Championship Game. The five winners in the KokOasis Madness Challenge are
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KokOasis Houseboat for Sale . . . Feb, 2015


After nearly 7 years of living aboard our beautiful 75′ x 16′ Sharpe Houseboat, we have decided to purchase a CityView condo with an excellent view of Neyland Stadium and offer her for sale.  Custom-built to our specifications in 2008, the KokOasis was designed to satisfy all the comfort needs of living aboard.  Indeed, she has proven to be everything we had
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The 14 Days of Bowling . . . Jan, 2015


Everyone likes to decorate and “juice” things up a bit during the VOLidays. So do we. During this year’s bowl season, we decorated our VOLiday Wreath. Every day that at least one bowl game was played, an ornament bearing the name of the highest ranked Challenger not already represented on our wreath was added. Hence, every Challenger had 14 chances
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Championship Slices . . . Dec, 2014


The regular college football season is over.  It has been FUN, whether we actually attended the games, watched them on TV, or heard about them, but especially if we participated in the annual KokOasis College Football Challenge. For many of us, this season was especially interesting because new rules caused us to pull for certain teams we would never otherwise
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35 Years – A Tennessee VOL . . . Nov, 2014

Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 12.41.24 PM

35 years ago, JeTske was only beginning to discover how great it is to be a Tennessee VOL, thanks to Smokeys Trainer.  JeTske had just arrived at Rocky Top when he made one of the most unlikely and life-changing decisions he would ever make.  He joined the Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR) fraternity.  Despite mixed reactions from his parents, JeTske joined
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The Watch . . . Oct, 2014

Screen shot 2015-02-26 at 9.35.46 AM

One year ago, Andrew’s Dad passed away. Andrew loved him dearly and it still hurts him that he is gone. John Polyak proudly served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War by piloting landing boats that delivered marines to the shore. He also loved college football and the Tennessee Vols.  Homecoming 2014 was celebrated at UT this past Saturday
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Checkered Neyland . . . Oct, 2014


Neyland Stadium was rockin’ as expected on SaUTrday, bUT the Vols jUsT coUdn’T get it done against Florida in 2014, bUT wait UnTil next time. I’ve watched a lot of Tennessee football in my day. I haven’t missed a single home game since 1982. I’ve watched the Vols win in dominating fashion over many opponents, fight competitively with much stronger
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Boomsday Weekend . . . Sep, 2014


Boomsday 2014 was bigger than ever!  At the request of Visit Knoxville, the KokOasis was commissioned to serve as the water stage for 5 outstanding musical acts and one helluva flyboard show performed by Ben Merrell, including his huge signature back dolphin with highly technical trick combos.  We were honored to also host, Laurel Wright, an East Tennessee local making it
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Football Challenge Demographics . . . Aug, 2014


Thanks again to everyone who successfully registered to participate in the 2014 edition of the KokOasis College Football Challenge!  This years group of 57 Challengers consists of 46 Males and 11 Females with a wide range of experience, including 51 seasoned Veterans and 6 aspiring Rookies. Our Challengers hail from Tennessee (44), Missouri (7), Ohio (2), Illinois (1), North Carolina (1),
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Breaking, errr “FIXING” News . . . Aug, 2014

Great News for everyone who is a part of the VOL Navy!  After 3 long years of waiting, the Queen Priscilla just discovered that the VOL Navy Docks have finally been restored to their original configuration.  The City of Knoxville and SoUThern Shores deserve a big THANK YOU for getting the job done in time for the 2014 UT Football
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From Down Under . . . Aug, 2014

The Queen Priscilla recently hosted a delightful contingent of Aussies in the energy business who were visiting our fine city. The refreshing sunshine and cool breeze on the water combined with the beautiful sights and ice cold beverages proved to be exactly what they needed to provide the relaxation they were seeking.

Big Orange Sky . . . Jul, 2014

UT Assistant Coach Adam Howard (Men’s Basketball) and some of his close friends joined us for a cruise recently. A native of Ashland, Kentucky, Coach Howard works closely with Tennessee’s perimeter players. On this particular cruise, just one day after a big rain storm, Coach Howard was particularly helpful in keeping a close eye on the perimeter of the river
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Dark Shadow . . . Jul, 2014

As you may know, the Queen Priscilla is named after our adorable black Pomeranian. Just recently, she was graced by the presence of another black canine friend named “Shadow”.   Shadow is a very intelligent and loyal service dog that belongs to one of our recent passengers. Throughout the cruise, Shadow enjoyed his cruise seated at the very front on the
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Barefoot Ski . . . Jul, 2014

Andrew and I recently welcomed JK & Angie (see how “Happy” they are to be here, click here) along with Jon & Grace and Lance & Kim for an anchored event aboard the KokOasis near Sea Ray Island. Soon afterward, a sailing vessel with 3 pirates approached us in a stealth-like manner.   After we determined they posed no threat, we
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