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Queen Priscilla . . . Oct, 2017

Prissy is now 6 years old and just as yoUThful, attractive and active as she was when she was a pup.  Don’t be fooled by the white “O-ring” on her snout.  It is not gray but white coming through.  Her Mama was solid white and her Papa was solid orange.  She got the adorable black color from a recessive gene.   In October, Prissy made her modeling debut when she sat for family photos that will appear in the St. James Episcopal Church Parish Directory.  LifeTouch Photo Studios handled the session as we sat for the photographs and the church graciously invited Prissy to participate as a true member of the KevinANDrew family.  Prissy was even baptized earlier, so to speak, when she was blessed on St. Francis Day.