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SWFT Neighborhood . . . Feb, 2018

Andrew and I love living in South Knoxville so much, we recently decided to encourage some of our neighbors to help us explore the possibility of forming our own neighborhood association.  The Southside Waterfront Neighborhood Association (SWFT) was created because we recognize the value of working together to promote the lifestyle we enjoy and share.  In contrast to traditional single-family neighborhoods, our neighbors share an appreciation for community living (condos, apartments, etc.), and we embrace diversity of all kinds (race, gender, sexual orientation, age, income level, occupation, property owners, renters, students, etc.). Most importantly, we are proud to live, work, play, and promote an active urban lifestyle at the waterfront on the south side of the Tennessee River.  The response so far, in terms of demonstrated interest and membership enrollment, has been astonishing.  SWFT will achieve its mission by building a greater sense of community; expanding the social network of its members; cultivating long-term relationships with local government agencies; collaborating with other neighborhood groups; securing funding and support to implement neighborhood projects; and having a whole lot of fun!  Find out more about our new neighborhood association at this link.