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Give Him Six . . . Jun, 2018

Legendary “Voice of the Vols” John Ward passed away this month at the age of 88.  So many of us cut our teeth as Vol fans by listening to John on the radio while we watched the games on muted TVs, or listened to him through our headsets while we attended the games in Neyland Stadium.  His broadcast added a sixth dimension to our sensory inputs when we were at the games, and provided a “lifeline” when it was not possible to attend.  Always so well prepared, he had such extraordinary control and precision in the way he delivered the spoken word.  Even more impressive, he was a rather humble man who “belonged” to every Tennessee fan.  I will always remember how shocked he was when I asked him to sign my diplomas during one of his final Kickoff Call-In Shows.  He asked me if I was “sure” about wanting him to “mark them up”.  I told him that he had already left his “mark” on me throughout my college experience and that it would be my privilege to have him sign them.  Indeed, he was so humble and honored, he congratulated me and held them up for everyone to see.  To celebrate the man who gave us so many memories, here are six of the most famous phrases he gave us:

  1. “It’s Football Time . . . in TENNESSEE!” (before kickoff)
  2. “Winding, grinding, twisting, turning, diving . . .” (running play)
  3. “Did he make it? . . . HE MADE IT!” (running into the end zone)
  4. “GIVE HIM SIX!” (scored touchdown)
  5. “Ladies and Gentlemen, that kick is G-O-O-O-O-O-D!” (made field goal)
  6. “The National Champion is clad in ORANGE AND WHITE!” (1998)