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Got Butterflies? . . . May, 2018

For most of us, butterflies conjure up images of sunshine, flowery meadows, and summer gardens teaming with life, but did you know butterflies and moths are also indicators of a healthy environment and healthy ecosystems?  A recently published report by Butterfly and Moths of North America (June 16, 2018) identified more than 80 different species of butterflies in Knox County. Did you know that there are more fish, insects, mussels, snails, plants and other forms of life in the Tennessee River system than there are anywhere else in North America? Yes, it’s true!  Drew and I are so lucky to reside in a neighborhood situated at the doorstep to such a biodiverse river that also provides a perfect habitat for butterflies.  In fact, soon we hope obtain funding for a project to establish an official Butterfly Habitat right here in our Southside Waterfront Neighborhood.