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Harbor Huddle . . . May, 2017

HuddleOn this fateful day in May (May 27), as thunderstorms threatened to alter their course, the captains and crew of the dUTch Lady, Moonstruck, Akureyri, KokOasis, & Queen Priscilla set sail on their planned Tennessee River adventure just after noontide.

Despite the uncertainty of the weather, this fearless group of 54 mariners proceeded on their quest to enjoy a fun-filled afternoon of food, drink, recreation & merriment anchored in a “huddle” formation on the Tennessee River.

With outstanding live performances of classic, southern, and alternative rock tunes throughout the afternoon by The French Connection Band, any worries about the weather soon subsided as everyone turned their attention to the immediate priority – good times!   Much later, after the sun set and the day was done (without a drop of rain) everyone returned home and retired to their beds completely exhausted from a another Good Time On The Tennessee River!

The Mariners:  Joyce, JK, Angie, Grayson, Bailey, Jon G, Grace, Sawyer, Keith, Katy, Kensi, Kevin W, Carlene, Kate, Jack, Ray, Marlin, Nick, Sara, Ijda, Jon D, Travis, Austin, Mike, Becky, Karyn, Diana, Manuel, Lori, Reecy, Chuck, Emily, Lorraine, Reeves, Elaine, Dottie, John, Cheryl, Dylan, Wendy, Michael, Steve, Shannon, Desiree, Randy, Leslie, Carol, Beth, Kathy, GeorgeAnne, Mocha, Stix, Kevin J & Andrew.