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Remembering Noreen . . . Aug, 2018

The second to the youngest child in a family of 7 children, Kevin grew up with 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Naturally, as a young boy, he was closest to the two siblings who were nearest to him in age. Kevin loved his “little” brother Danny, who was usually his “partner in crime”.  However, from one day to the next Kevin & Danny were so competitive with one another, it often resulted in silly disagreements and boyish scuffles. Although Dan was one year younger, he was actually physically bigger and stronger than Kevin. That only added to their rivalry.

Kevin loved his sister Noreen too. One year older than him, he rarely had any serious disagreements with her. In fact, Noreen was often the one that helped Kevin and Danny settle their “disputes”. A talented artist, Noreen was very sensitive to the feelings of others and was especially kind to everyone. Because she struggled with math in school, it was decided it would be best for her to repeat the 3rd grade. As a result, Kevin and Noreen were classmates for grades 3 – 12. The Jeske family moved many times during their school years.  Being very shy, all three “little kids” were reassured that wherever they moved they always knew they had each other’s back.  May Noreen Lorraine Jeske forever rest in peace. (August 1, 1956 – July 14, 2013)