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Tailgating, Sailgating, Neylgating . . . Sep, 2018

First there was “tailgating” – the social activity that takes place around the open tailgate of a vehicles in parking lots before Tennessee football games.  It often involves grilling meats and sharing all kinds of other foods provided by other fans, playing competitive games, enjoying music, and consuming beverages of all kinds.  Next, came “sailgating” which involves similar activities to tailgating,  except it takes place on a boat, or among collections of boats moored together on a football Saturday. The famed Vol Navy comprised of Tennessee Volunteer mariners and their guests is the finest example of sailgating.  Now, in 2018, Kevin & Drew are proud to introduce “neylgating”!   Like tailgating and sailgating, neylgating involves great food, friends, and fun, except it takes place beneath colorful tents erected by neighbors on the terrace of Cityview at Riverwalk – overlooking the Tennessee River and Neyland Stadium.   So now, in addition to providing Vol Navy cruises to the public on game days, they enjoy splitting their pregame hours between sailgating with Vol Navy and neylgating with their neighbors at CityView.