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Treasure Hunt . . . Feb, 2019

Kevin is coordinating a very important collaboration between Community Television of Knoxville, the City of Knoxville Office of Neighborhoods.  The purpose of this effort is to promote neighbor engagement and raise money to fund neighborhood projects throughout the city.  The event is called the Knoxville Neighborhood Treasure Hunt & Online Auction.  Watch one of the 60-second PSAs produced to promote the event at THIS LINK.  One hundred percent of the proceeds from items sold during the event will go to the neighborhood organizations designated by each donor.  OK, so you want to listen to another PSA?  Watch the one at THIS LINK.

From now until April 11, community residents and local businesses all over the city are invited to donate “treasures” to the auction.  It starts with looking around in your attic, basement, or storage unit for interesting items that you will donate.  Invite your friends, family & local merchants to do the same.  Then, it’s just a matter of filling out one short online Item Donation Form at THIS LINK.   Read about how Mike & Valerie donated a chandelier at THIS LINK.

On April 12, the  auction will go “live” for 3 weeks of online bidding.