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My Pick Sheet

  • Pick sheet AUTOMATICALLY LOCKS when DEADLINE has passed.
  • Late predictions CANNOT be made after the pick sheet has locked.
  • Make sure you have a pick for EVERY GAME.
  • Always click the SAVE BUTTON at bottom to submit your picks.
  • Log in to REVISE your predictions at anytime up until the deadline.
  • CURRENT and MOST RECENT pick sheets are presented below.
  • If NO PREDICTIONS are displayed, picks have not been submitted.
  • POINTS AWARDED are displayed on right side of the pick sheet.
  • Click PIE CHART SYMBOL to view other Challengers’ predictions.

Remember, there are five (5) ways to earn points based on the accuracy of your predictions:

  1. Exact Score of a game = earn 20 points
  2. Winning Team & Point Difference, but not exact score = earn 10 points
  3. Winning Team & Points Scored by One Team = earn 10 points
  4. Winning Team only = earn 7 points
  5. Points Scored by only one of the teams = earn 3 points

You MUST always click the SAVE BUTTON at the bottom to submit your picks.
Picks DUE by 10 PM (eastern).

You have to be a registered user and logged in to play in this pool.