Challenge Rules: Football


  1. There will be two (2) opporUTnities to WIN a big Cash Prize!
  2. Everyone must register at before December 10, 2023.
  3. 100% of all collected $30 Registration Fees will be returned as Cash Prizes.
  4. Commissioner Kevin receives NO “Administrative Cut”.   He does this because he is insane.
  5. Challengers may play more than one Handle Name, as long as a registration fee is paid for each.
  6. Mail payment to:  Kevin Jeske-Polyak | 445 W. Blount Ave., No. 312 | Knoxville, TN 37920.
  7. Challengers will predict scores of all Bowl Games.
  8. Predictions will be made ONLINE and may be changed up until the day before the first bowl game is played.
  9. Sorry, the automated system will “lock” when the deadline passes and will NOT allow Late Picks.
  10. It will NOT be possible for the Commissioner to “override” the system, even for good reasons.
  11. Points will be awarded by picking the correct teams to win.
  12. Extra points will be earned based on accuracy of score predictions, as follows:
    • 20 points for predicting the Exact Score of a game.
    • 10 points for predicting the Winning Team & Point Difference, but not the exact score.
    • 10 points for predicting the Winning Team & Points Scored by One team.
    • 7 points for only correctly predicting the Winning Team.
    • 3 points for only correctly predicting the Number of Points Scored by one of the teams.
  13. If an opponent is changed in any game or the game is canceled for any reason, no points will be awarded for that game.
  14. Updated cumulative rankings will posted every Day during the Bowl Season.
    • The Challenger with the most points during the bowl season is the Champion. (70%)
    • The Challenger with the second most points during the bowl season is the Runner-up. (30%)
  15. In the event of a tie, the Challenger with the most accurate prediction for the final game on the pick sheet will be declared the winner.
  16. Priority: correct predicted winning team, total points scored in the game, point difference between teams – in that order.
  17. In the highly unlikely event of a system failure of any kind, alternate deadlines and/or submission procedures may be announced by the Commissioner.
  18. All decisions under such circumstances are FINAL.