KokOasis User’s Predictions Page

  • Pick sheet AUTOMATICALLY LOCKS when DEADLINE has passed.
  • Late predictions CANNOT be made after the pick sheet has locked.
  • Make sure you have a pick for EVERY GAME.
  • Always click the SAVE BUTTON at bottom to submit your picks.
  • Log in to REVISE your predictions at anytime up until the deadline.
  • CURRENT and MOST RECENT pick sheets are presented below.
  • If NO PREDICTIONS are displayed, picks have not been submitted.
  • POINTS AWARDED are displayed on right side of the pick sheet.
  • Click the PIE SYMBOL for each game to see predictions and earned points for all Challengers.
  • Click any Challenger’s  HANDLE NAME to see their full set of predictions and earned points.

Remember, there are five (5) ways to earn points:

  1. 20 points for predicting the Exact Score of a game.
  2. 10 points for predicting the Winning Team & Point Difference, but not the exact score.
  3. 10 points for predicting the Winning Team & Points Scored by One team.
  4. 7 points for only correctly predicting the Winning Team.
  5. 3 points for only correctly predicting the Number of Points Scored by one of the teams.

You MUST always click the SAVE BUTTON
at the bottom to submit your picks.
Picks DUE by 8 PM (eastern).

Below are all the predictions for unknown.

Only matches and bonus questions that can't be changed are shown here.