KokOasis Madness Challenge . . . Mar, 2018

The Villanova Wildcats are the 2018 NCAA Basketball Champions and our KokOasis Madness Challenge has finally come to an end! CongraUTlations to the following Cash Prize Winners: STLGolfer – Madness Champion – 368 pts coach – Madness Runner Up – 348 pts STLPainter – Third Place Finisher – 344 pts BARNEStorm – Fourth Place Finisher – 335 pts NiTTany –
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SWFT Neighborhood . . . Feb, 2018

Andrew and I love living in South Knoxville so much, we recently decided to encourage some of our neighbors to help us explore the possibility of forming our own neighborhood association.  The Southside Waterfront Neighborhood Association (SWFT) was created because we recognize the value of working together to promote the lifestyle we enjoy and share.  In contrast to traditional single-family
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Rhapsody of the Seas . . . Jan, 2018

With great anticipation Kevin and I embarked on our very first cruise aboard a cruise liner.  As we drove to Tampa, we had no idea how much fun lay ahead.  It did not take very long to find out after we boarded the “Rhapsody of the Seas” operated by Royal Caribbean.  For one full week, we relaxed and enjoyed entertainment
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Football Challenge . . . Dec, 2017

CongraUTlations to Ci-Chel and SmokeyAndTheBandit for being our Regular Season Champion and Runner Up.   Top Tenn Finishers among our 57 Regular Season Challengers included:  Ci-Chel (1675), SmokeyAndTheBandit (1641), SanTos (1632), STL Golfer (1631), boilerVOL (1622), Flybridge (1600), SeminoleLynn (1597), mTN Girl (1591), Kamp David (1588), and Cassie (1583). After a dramatic Alabama comeback win in overtime, TellyBaby became our undispUTed Bowl Season Champion (211 points).  Kudos to Guest Picker Curry Dawg (214 points),  the only Guest
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Record Breaking . . . Nov, 2017

Tennessee Boat Line just experienced a record-breaking season that concluded in November with 79 cruises aboard the Queen Priscilla (332 passengers) and 28 Airbnb stays aboard the KokOasis (173 guests).   We LOVE living, working, and playing in Knoxville, we LOVE boating and everything that happens on the waterfront, and we especially LOVE sharing these experiences with our passengers and guests. Certainly,
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Queen Priscilla . . . Oct, 2017

Prissy is now 6 years old and just as yoUThful, attractive and active as she was when she was a pup.  Don’t be fooled by the white “O-ring” on her snout.  It is not gray but white coming through.  Her Mama was solid white and her Papa was solid orange.  She got the adorable black color from a recessive gene.
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Peter Read Miller Workshop . . . Sep, 2017

September 20th, on a beautiful evening in the shadows of Neyland Stadium on the Tennessee River, a group of aspiring photography enthusiasts began a 4-day sports photography workshop. The workshop will include an incredible amount of practical experience in shooting, critiquing, and a heap of learning. Award-winning Sports Illustrated Photographer Peter Read Miller and former Sports Illustrated Director of Photography
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Wonderful Time . . . Aug, 2017

Late Summer/early fall is always the most wonderful time in Knoxville.  The air is filled with anticipation and excitement as Mom’s and Dad’s bring Son’s and Daughter’s to the UT Campus for orientation.  It is so comforting to see parent’s and alumni return adorned in UT fashions and even more thrilling to see the incoming freshmen and returning students doning
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15 Years – VNBA . . . Jul, 2017

To celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the Vol Navy Boaters’ Association, Kevin and I are pleased to introduce a specially designed limited edition MEMBER Cup. This transparent 22 oz plastic stadium cup features colorful lettering with a naUTical-themed message for both Buoys & Gulls. Excellent for game day parties and “every day” use, these cups are a great way to
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Dirty Dancing . . . Jun, 2017

June was an incredible month for our KokOasis Boat & Breakfast operation (reservable through AirBnB).  The boat was occupied a record number of 18 days during the month.  That included a very special 4-night stay with four of the cast members from “Dirty Dancing” performing at the Tennessee Theatre.  They all had a wonderful time as did we, hosting them
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Harbor Huddle . . . May, 2017


On this fateful day in May (May 27), as thunderstorms threatened to alter their course, the captains and crew of the dUTch Lady, Moonstruck, Akureyri, KokOasis, & Queen Priscilla set sail on their planned Tennessee River adventure just after noontide. Despite the uncertainty of the weather, this fearless group of 54 mariners proceeded on their quest to enjoy a fun-filled
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Mike & Becky . . . Apr, 2017


Andrew and I are very excited about becoming acquainted with our new friends, Mike & Becky Neill from Franklin, TN.  This month, they joined the wonderful collection of interesting and friendly residents who live here at CityView across the river from Neyland Stadium.  Longtime Big Orange fans, Mike & Becky are fulfilling their dreams of having a second home in
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KokOasis Madness Challenge . . . Mar, 2017


The Final Buzzer has sounded and the madness is over.  PrinTs Andrew is our Madness Champion (390 pts) followed by Laner (369 pts) who was our Madness Runner Up, Barnestorm (367 pts) our Third Place Finisher, and JeTske who broke a tie with Basket Case (356 pts) to claim the prize as our Fourth Place Finisher.  CongraUTlations to these Top
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Loving Nicki . . . Feb, 2017


It wasn’t long after we moved downtown in 2005 that we decided it really wasn’t necessary to own two vehicles anymore.  So, we became a “one car household”.  In the years that followed, we went through several other cars until we finally purchased what has become our favorite car of all time, a classic cranberry red 1995 Jaguar XJ6.  Aside
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Bowl Champion . . . Jan, 2017


PrinTs Andrew survived stiff challenges by STLPainter and KK The Stupid Underdog to become the 2016 KokOasis Bowl Season Champion – thanks in large part to the Clemson Tigers victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide in the National Championship

Football Challenge . . . Dec, 2016


CongraUTlations to all who participated in the 2016 KokOasis Football Challenge, especially those who finished in the TOP 20 among our 64 Challengers: Forever Young   1575 – Regular Season Champion! Granny   1563 – Regular Season Runner Up! SeminoleLynn   1525 SmokeyAndTheBandit   1522 bUTch Dude   1517 Cassie   1515 Football Time   1508 Give Him Six   1507 Godfather   1504 Neyland Sec II Row 01  
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